Highlight on Eddie Trotta

by Amanda Huggett

Eddie Trotta of Thunder Cycle Designs is hosting with us a Bagger show during this year's rally on Aug. 8. We're very excited to have him working with us!

About Eddie Trotta
In the last 30 years, Eddie Trotta has become a legend in the custom motorcycle industry. Trotta’s personal touch and involvement in every machine creates has awarded him a long list of honors. In 2004, he was the V-Twin Magazine bike builder of the year. He was also in Discovery Channel’s series “The Great Biker Build Off” and has appeared on many other shows such as the Easyrider-sponsored V-Twin TV. Take a good look at the machines of Eddie Trotta’s Thunder Cycle Designs and you will see the attention to detail, the imagination, craftsmanship and perfection that places these custom bikes in a class of their own.

For more information on Eddie Trotta, visit http://www.thundercycle.com.

Here's just some of his amazing works. Which is your favorite?





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